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4 Group Halloween Costumes To Think About

posted by on September, 21, 2016 in Halloween tagged with Halloween

So October 31st isn't all that far away and if you haven't started thinking about your Halloween costumes yet, well, you might find that you end up wearing something a bit sub par because you left it to the last minute. Going out with a big group? Here are four group costume ideas that might be up your street.

Stranger Things

It's the show that everyone has been talking about for weeks, not least because it was such an incredible throwback to the 1980s (honestly... it's like watching The Goonies for the first time as an eight-year-old) - and Stranger Things would be a great theme for you and your friends to recreate this Halloween. Just one question - who gets to be Eleven?

Suicide Squad

One of the most anticipated films of the year, this one... and the perfect choice for group Halloween costumes. You'll need a Harley Quinn, a Joker, and a Katana as a jumping off point. No fights over who gets the Harley Quinn costume, ok?

The Walking Dead

Alright, so perhaps zombies aren't the most inspired of choices for a Halloween costume and party but if you do your makeup right and really put effort into your costume, there's not much scarier than a zombie. Dress some of your group up as members of the show - especially Rick and Daryl - and then get your zombie on for a brilliant collaborative approach to the witching hour.


Who doesn't love a minion or two from time to time? If you're trying to come up with a great family Halloween costume idea, then dressing up as these funny little yellow creatures has to be a winner. The kids will love it!



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