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Superheroes 'Most Popular' Halloween Costume For 2016

posted by on September, 27, 2016 in Halloween tagged with Halloween

Can’t decide what Halloween costume to wear this year? Then let us point you to a brand new survey from the National Retail Federation over in the US, which has just revealed that superheroes are most definitely the most popular choice for children’s costumes this year.

The Halloween Consumer Top Costumes Survey 2016 found that over three million children will actually be dressing as their favourite action or superhero, while 2.9 million will dress up as their favourite princess and 2.5 million intend to head out for a spot of trick or treating dressed as a dog, cat, bunny or other kind of animal.

The top ten children’s costumes were found to be action or superhero, princess, animal, Batman character, Star Wars character, witch and/or DC superhero (excluding Batman), Frozen character, Marvel superhero (excluding Spiderman), zombie and Spiderman.

For adults, meanwhile, the top ten costumes were Batman character, witch, animal, Marvel superhero and/or DC superhero, vampire, video game character, slasher movie villain, pirate, Star Wars character and zombie.

Interestingly, it’s not just adults and children that have plans to get all dolled up for the witching hour either. It seems that pets are increasingly keen to take part in this particular autumnal holiday. Apparently, the most popular costumes that cats, dogs and other pets at home want to wear were pumpkin, hot dog, bumblebee, lion and/or Star Wars character, devil, Batman character, witch, Superman, action or superhero and cat (!).

It’s no surprise that superheroes have topped the list for costume ideas in 2016. After all, it really has been the year of the superhero movie. We’ve had Captain America: Civil War, Antman, Suicide Squad, Batman vs. Superman… the list goes on and on! So if you want to be super trendy this Halloween, it seems like some kind of Marvel or DC-inspired costume is the way to go. And what better way to prepare than by spending your weekend watching lots of amazing films? We recommend you start with Suicide Squad and then go from there.

One thing is for sure this year – there are going to be a lot of Harley Quinns hitting the city streets on October 31st so if that’s your plan as well you’d better make sure that your costume is tip-top so you win best dressed even if you’re surrounded by others wearing similar costumes.

Check out our blog post about how to go about getting the Harley Quinn look just right. We’ve also got a range of four different Harley costumes right here on the Wonderland Party website so take a quick look to see if any of them tickle your pickle. Our range of superhero costumes is actually really extensive so whoever you want to go as, you’ll find the right look on our website. Have a browse, why don’t you!



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