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3 Funny Pumpkin-Carving Ideas

posted by on October, 18, 2016 in Halloween tagged with Halloween

Halloween is getting closer and closer, so we hope you've got all your Halloween costumes ready to roll for the big day... but getting dressed up and partying with your friends isn't the only thing you can get up to at this time of year. That's right, you also need to stock up on a few pumpkins so you can practise your carving skills in time for the witching hour as well! Here are three fun pumpkin-carving ideas that you might want to try this October 31st.

The Donald Trumpkin

One of the most popular ideas for 2016 has to be the Trumpkin - carvings inspired by the presidential hopeful himself. We're sure there are plenty of people out there who can't imagine anything scarier than Donald Trump getting into the White House, so if you're one of them then this is definitely the idea for you.

The Death Star

It's only a couple of months before the next Star Wars instalment comes to cinema screens here in the UK (in fact, the second trailer for the movie has just been released), so what a fitting tribute to the film franchise to end all film franchises than to turn your pumpkin into the Death Star? Do a few practice runs before the big day so you know what you're doing for your Instagram photo.

Anatomy pumpkins

Google a few medical images and diagrams to help you come up with some anatomical designs for your pumpkins this year. A skeleton would look cool and it actually looks pretty easy to carve an anatomically correct heart into a pumpkin. With a light behind them, they'll look beautiful - and just the right kind of spooky for your Halloween parties this year.



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