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7 Of The Best Halloween Party Games

posted by on October, 28, 2016 in Halloween tagged with Halloween

So it’s only four days to go until the Witching Hour, so hopefully you’ve all got your Halloween costumes sorted out and ready to go. But planning a Halloween party is a lot more involved than just getting a spooky costume and putting on some awesome makeup, you know. That’s right – you’ve got to decorate the hell out of your house and come up with some incredible party game ideas as well. To help you get to grips with the latter, here are seven games to consider setting up this year.

Apple bobbing

This is perhaps one of the easiest games for you to set up and the best bit is that you don’t even really need much equipment. Simply get yourself a big bucket, fill it with some water (think about adding in some red or green food dye for a bit of added spookiness) and then chuck a few apples in. Get your guests to try and catch them with their teeth. No cheating, now!

Treasure hunt

If you’ve got young kids at home, keep them entertained after you’re all back from trick or treating by hiding lots of spooky treats or decorations around your house and challenging them to find them. If you’ve got the time, come up with an actual treasure map to help them seek out those goodies.

Toffee apple DIY

This time of year is great for food and snacks, and there’s nothing like a toffee apple or two to really make it feel like autumn. A fun party game would be encouraging people to make their own toffee apples – just set aside part of the kitchen with bowls of melted chocolate and toffee, extra delights like sprinkles and some skewers. Then start getting messy!

Halloween bingo

If you’ve got a printer at home or work then it couldn’t be easier to set this game up. Just swap out the boring numbers for pictures of pumpkins, ghosts, witches and spiders, and you’re ready to roll. The kids will love it, young and old!

Halloween feel box

Another really fun idea for the best Halloween party going. Get a big cardboard box or two, cut some holes in them so people can put their hands inside, then put bowls of things like slimy cold spaghetti and pickled onions inside for everyone to feel around and try and guess what they are.

A pumpkin piñata

No party is ever complete without a piñata, so put the cherry on the top of your shindig this year by hanging a piñata up in your living room or garden. The garden is probably the best bet if the weather is nice. Just have a few lanterns and tealights outside so people can see what they’re doing.

Mummy relay race

If your party is being held during the day, why not get lots of rolls of toilet paper and encourage people to dress up as mummies, then have a race to see who’s the fastest. What fun!



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