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The Best Halloween Costumes From This Year's TV & Film

posted by on October, 05, 2016 in Halloween tagged with Halloween

Dressing up for Halloween doesnít mean you have to necessarily slip on your usual zombie, devil or witch outfit. In fact, every year, partygoers are becoming more and more creative with their look.

So, for any film buffs out there, here are some ideas on what Halloween costumes you can wear if youíve been inspired by this yearís TV and film.

- Ghostbusters

If you loved the biggest blockbuster of the summer and want to dress up in a Ghostbuster costume, you will be in good company, as this is set to be one of the most popular trends of the season.

Guys can get a full boiler suit, while girls can opt for sexy dress or playsuit versions of the outfit. Or, of course, you could dress in an inflatable Stay Puff suit for a really impressive effort.

- Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones has a huge following, so if youíre one of its devoted fans, you can always incorporate the TV show into your Halloween style. Get yourself a barbarian costume complete with cape and plastic sword for your party.

Itís also a good idea to accessorise with a wig and possibly even some facial hair to look like your favourite character!

- Stranger Things

Stranger Things, a sci-fi thriller set in the 1980s and starring Winona Ryder, is one of the hottest Netflix dramas of the year. When her son goes missing this leads to a series of inexplicable mysterious events that involve supernatural forces and a very strange girl with psychokinetic powers called Eleven.

Fans of this series will be desperate to get their hands on Stranger Things costumes, especially one for Eleven, characterised by her pink dress, blue jacket, knee socks, white trainers and chunky black watch. You also need a shaved head, although it may be easier to go for a bald cap instead!



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