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Plan Early For World Book Day

posted by on November, 11, 2016 in Book Week tagged with Book Week

World Book Day might not be happening until March, but time seems to slip away and with Christmas just around the corner, itís easy to get caught up in the fun of the festive season and the rush to start the new year - and forget that you still need to get a stunning costume ready for World Book Day.

Just thinking about what your costume might entail now will give you time to make it into something truly spectacular - and if youíre a teacher, wow all the kids in your class.

We thought weíd give you some inspiration by looking at the ten best-selling childrenís books at the start of November, which Lovereading4kids has shared.

Fans of all things magical will be pleased to know that Harry Potter is still high on everyoneís list, with Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in at number three. This is a bit unusual too as itís the official script book of the West End production.

Think wands, wizards and marvellous creatures though and youíll get a good idea of the kind of costume to look for.

There are also some old favourite characters in the list, with the Beano 2017 annual in at number five. Dennis the Menace has long been a fancy dress favourite.

And another book thatís crept in and is a bit more topical is the Pokemon: Deluxe Essential Handbook. While itís not the standard inspiration for World Book Day, if dressing up as pikachu gets more children to start reading, it canít be a bad idea, can it?



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